Land Clearing & Logging

Land clearing and debris hauling services for all sectors in the Lower Mainland


Land Clearing & Logging

Treeko Contracting Ltd. completes many land clearing projects throughout the Lower Mainland and Tri-cities area each year. These projects include highway, power line rights-of-way as well as clearing for development. Treeko Contracting Ltd. is interested in pursuing land clearing projects & is happy to provide a customized quote for your specialized needs.

We employ experienced professionals and equipment operators who work seamlessly together to efficiently deliver our service. Our attention to detail in all areas of the project, ensure that all guidelines are followed and specifications are met. We employ certified professional experienced fallers to maximize the potential value of the timber. We have qualified operators & proper equipment in place that will add value to the wood marketability & efficiency to the land clearing timelines.

Alternate methods of debris removal are available depending on the environmental sensitivity of the area. We have mobile horizontal grinding or demo bins in use depending on the required application. Within our grasp is the total understanding of all environmental regulations regarding riparian areas, bird nesting and fisheries windows and tree removal guidelines and permitting. Treeko has worked extensively with environmental management companies to fully employ their E&S policies and all areas of erosion & sediment control are fully understood.

Treeko Contracting Ltd. can process, market & haul all the marketable wood to the preferred buyer, again, maximizing the value, efficiency and the most cost effective method for land development or selective logging in today’s marketplace.

Our service provides customers with fast, reliable, and environmentally safe land clearing or logging. Where brush, trees, and stumps need to be removed, the combined efforts of our skilled operators and equipment, ensures Treeko leads the way.

Residential Tree Removal and 24 Hour Emergency Service

We do work for:

  • Private Residential Land Owners
  • Multiple Government Agencies
  • BC Parks and Park Operators
  • Municipalities and Developers

We Work Safe:

  • Worksafe BC Compliant
  • $10 Million Commercial Insurance