Offering spring and fall soil amendments through fertilization to promote healthy tree roots.



Plant Health Care

This new program will offer spring and fall soil amendments.  This is achieved through fertilization being injected hydraulically,  directly into trees' root systems. This promotes health and vigor in all trees and shrubs, and adds the proper micronutrients that are lacking in soils  (potassium, nitrogen, potash and iron)

Our IPM program has been designed to help control pest populations in trees.  These pests include Bronze Birch Borer, Pine Beetle, Aphids, Scale, Mites and Gypsy/Tussik Moth.  These applications are imperative to stave off the consumption of foliage, bark and heartwood in trees.  

These pests have the capability to completely change your residential landscape, as they are tree destroyers.  

Residential Tree Removal and 24 Hour Emergency Service

We do work for:

  • Private Residential Land Owners
  • Multiple Government Agencies
  • BC Parks and Park Operators
  • Municipalities and Developers

We Work Safe:

  • Worksafe BC Compliant
  • $10 Million Commercial Insurance